For the Temple = Used Book

For the Temple = Used Book

Used Book Condition - Good

For the Temple: a tale of the fall of Jerusalem

Non Christadelphian

Historical Fiction -The Tale follows the adventures of John of Gamala during the years of Roman occupation, political infighting, and lawlessness that resulted in the destruction of the Temple in AD 70. The book puts the reader at the heart of the conflict between Rome and the greedy political groups and robber bands of Palestine.

Retypeset and illustrated paperback edition

ED: A very readabale book on the Jewish background at the time of the end of the book of Acts.

Author: G A Henty
ISBN: 9781536861808
Date Published: 11/11/2023
Product Code: UB982
Cover: Soft Cover
Size: 8.125" x 10.125"
Year: 2020
Drawer: FLA F
For the Temple = Used Book
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