The King's Armour-Bearer

The King's Armour-Bearer

King Asa has ruled for many years, but his time is running out. The unfortunate mistakes of the past continue to haunt him, and trouble is brewing in Judah.

The nation is surrounded by dangerous enemies as the king's health fails and pain weakens his lifelong faith. Enemies from outside the kingdom are surely to be expected, but are there also enemies within? The old king is widely-loved, but his bitter refusal to accept criticism has led him to oppress innocents. Could they be seeking revenge?

Passing on his faith to his son, Jehoshaphat, was always his greatest desire and in that he had been successful. But Jehoshaphat is beginning to ask questions about the past, and Asa is uncomfortable. If the truth comes out, could his opponents turn his son against him?

Jehoshaphat is ready to rule, and the country needs an active, faithful king to lead it. Yet Asa's confidence is failing, and rumours of rebellion prey on his mind. Is Jehoshaphat in danger from traitors who may want to kill both the king and his successor? Who can guard the prince and keep him safe as he begins to take over the kingship from his ailing father?

Is Ben-hail the answer? Driven by a childhood dream, he may now be the greatest swordsman in Judah. Victory in the Great Tournament will win him the right to become the new king's armour-bearer, but is that the success he craves? The answer may be hidden in his past...

Author: Mark Morgan
Publisher: Bible Tales
ISBN: 978-1925587333
Date Published: 9/28/2023
Product Code:
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 288
Size: 5 x 8
Year: 2021
Drawer: 194
The King's Armour-Bearer
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