Fiction Favours the Facts Book 3

Fiction Favours the Facts Book 3

22 Bible-Based micro-tales
"Fiction Favours the Facts – Book 3" is a third collection of 22 micro-tales from the Bible Tales Newsletter.

"Micro-tales" are short stories about Bible characters or events. They are Bible-based fiction where the facts of the Bible are rounded out with imaginative detail to help us recognize the lives and feelings of real people.

Some tell of little-known Bible characters, while others concentrate on an incident in the life of one of the more famous Bible characters.

How did Sarah feel when she became pregnant for the first time – in her 90s?

What were the special circumstances that caused 5 sisters to be given their father’s inheritance?

After the centurion who supervised the crucifixion announced that Jesus was the Christ, did he do anything about his discovery?

This new collection of short Bible-based stories examines these questions and many others, touching the lives of Moses, David, Elijah, Jonah, Josiah and Daniel, often through the eyes of people who knew them. Eleven stories from the Old Testament are matched with eleven stories in the New Testament and the complete list is shown below.

Old Testament
New Testament
On dry ground (Parts 1, 2 & 3)
I was just thinking...
My son – given to God
Obed-edom (Parts 1 & 2)
The God of Big Things (Parts 1 & 2 by Cathy Morgan)
What I have vowed, I will pay (by Cathy Morgan)
The Prophetess and the Book
Passover Preparations
Habakkuk's Complaints
Fingers of fear (Parts 1 & 2)
Anna (Parts 1-5)
Preparing the way
A Samaritan Wedding
Drink my blood
A thankful Samaritan
Why won't she help?
The plot that failed
Guarding the dying
The Tale of Tabitha (by Laura Morgan)
One wet night (Parts 1 & 2)
A wide variety of Biblical characters walk across the pages of this book and each micro-tale gives us something to think about. Lives presented by the Bible in just a few words are thoughtfully expanded, tinted with color and life – but without straying from God’s word.
Author: Mark Morgan, Cathy Morgan, Laura Morgan
Publisher: Bible Tales
ISBN: 978-1-925587-24-1
Date Published: 3/26/2023
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Cover: Soft Bound
Pages: 244
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Year: 2020
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Fiction Favours the Facts Book 3
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