From Bethany to Gethsemane

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The Gospel records cover the three and a half years of Jesus’ ministry, but about a third of the text focuses on just one week.
All four Gospel writers provide a great amount of detail for each day’s events, and by piecing them together we can see the intensity of the opposition Jesus faced, the contrasting characters of his disciples, and how in his darkest hours the Father provided comfort. This book, with charts and tables, provides an easy-to-see calendar of events of the final week of the Lord Jesus, and affords insights into those events. Through it we can marvel again at the determination of our Lord to do his Father’s bidding.
From Bethany to Gethsemane
Author: Peter Forbes
Publisher: Testmony Magazine
ISBN: 978-085189-4218
Date Published: 5/12/2022
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Cover: Soft Cover
Pages: 240
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Year: 2022