Pain in Paradise

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Book 2 in the Enormous Tiny Experiment Series
Entering adolescence, the Tinys return to their beautiful, restored world only to discover that human shortcomings can undermine happiness and ruin friendships. Sadly, there is also a major problem the Professor can't overcome and tears begin to flow. Hoping to showcase Paradise to his colleagues, will the indication of suffering turn the world against his experiment?

Within the Greenville University, a challenge from the Professor drives Seth to compile convincing evidence that God exists. A close friendship develops as the scientists discuss various matters: Is there a purpose for suffering? Why does God allow natural disasters to occur? What is human nature and why did God make us this way? And why were Christian scientists able to discover so many universal laws of nature?

After a reluctant interchange over 'freewill' the Professor begins to view God's justice in a new light, but nothing prepares him for the devastating choice a few Tinys make when Uncle Louis' back is turned.
Pain in Paradise
Author: Anna Tikvah
ISBN: 979-8623181961
Date Published: 1/18/2022
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Drawer: HC
Cover: Soft Bound
Pages: 401
Size: 6 x 9
Year: 2021