The Enormous Tiny Experiment

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Book One
In an attempt to create a true Paradise, Professor Lemans uses his vast resources and scientific genius to miniaturize life. With 21 ‘Tinys’ in a secret, domed terrarium, the Professor believes his beautiful world will be the happiest place on earth, free from all catastrophes and suffering. However, every month for the Tinys equals a normal human year. As they rapidly grow and learn, will the Tinys find the happiness the Professor believes is possible? Will life be an idyllic, fun-filled adventure from one day to the next, or will unpredictable events cause hardship even in Paradise? The Enormous Tiny Experiment collection is a new series by Anna Tikvah. Appealing to younger teens, this rather zany, impossible setting provides a framework to explore the love and purpose God has for His creation from a different point of view.
The Enormous Tiny Experiment
Author: Anna Tikvah
Publisher: By the Author
ISBN: 978-1-79-672400-4
Date Published: 6/18/2020
Product Code:
Drawer: HC
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 220
Size: 6" x 9"
Year: 2020