West Coast Bible Marking Lessons Complete Set

$25.00 ea.

Complete set of all available lessons.
Lessons are printed in color showing how to mark the lesson properly in color in your Bible. Revised Color scheme matches most of the Bible Marking Books found on this website. Complete with intructions and indexes. Lessons are being revised and reprinted as needed.

Worksheets for youth circle, Sunday School and Home Bible Class available separately.

Revised into simpler English for young people, the system of colors revised to fewer colors with logical groupings, Bible Marking techniques revised to make it easier to use in the field.

Also available PDF on request
West Coast Bible Marking Lessons Complete Set
Author: Morrie Stewart Richard Stone
Publisher: Detroit Christadelphian Book Supply
Date Published: 2/5/2004
Product Code: WCL00
Drawer: P41
Size: 8½